Compilation Error

SDK 15.3


I keep getting the following error when compiling. What file am I missing or what setting do I need to set in sdk_config? I am getting this error when compiling in nrf_queue.c

\nrf_queue.c", Error: #136: struct "<unnamed>" has no field "p_log"
NRF_LOG_INST_WARNING(p_queue->p_log, "Queue full. Overwriting oldest element.");..

Also, this:

\nrf_queue.c", Error: #136: struct "<unnamed>" has no field "p_log"
NRF_LOG_INST_DEBUG(p_queue->p_log, "pushed element 0x%08X, status:%d", p_element, status);

I am assuming I am missing a header file or did not set something correctly in the sdk_config.h. 

Thanks for your help!

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