When the TX_ADDRESS of the receiver nRF905 is 0x55, 0xA5, and 0xFF, only the data cannot be received.

HI, I recently used nRF905, a one-to-many intercommunication project, because one-to-many will send corresponding instructions for machines with different serial numbers, and need multiple receiving addresses (default is 0xE7). When I set to 0x55 as the receiving address, And other settings are as follows. It is found that devices with receiving addresses of 0x55 (01010101), 0xA5 (10100101), and 0xFF (11111111) can normally send data to other receiving devices and receive them, but other devices have these three values. When sending data for the device receiving the address, you can see that the carrier detect (CD) and address check (AM) pins are set high through the circuit, but you can't read the data, hope to answer, thank you!

// define nRF905 configration register .
#define nRF905_CONFIG_REG_0      0x6A             
#define nRF905_CONFIG_REG_1      0x0C           
#define nRF905_CONFIG_REG_2      0x44              
#define nRF905_CONFIG_REG_3      0x20            
#define nRF905_CONFIG_REG_4      0X20          
#define nRF905_ADDRESS_REG_0   0xE7           //        0x55  or  0xA5  or  0xFFcannot be received.
#define nRF905_ADDRESS_REG_1   0xE7           //        0x55  or  0xA5  or  0xFFcannot be received.
#define nRF905_ADDRESS_REG_2   0xE7           //        0x55  or  0xA5  or  0xFFcannot be received.
#define nRF905_ADDRESS_REG_3   0xE7           //        0x55  or  0xA5  or  0xFFcannot be received.
#define nRF905_CONFIG_REG_9      0x58