How to overclock TWI Manager past 400 KHz


We are working with the nRF52840 and an ADC chip that is capable of I2C communication faster than 400 KHz, allowing lower latency. I know that the nRF52840 does not officially support TWI Clock rate faster than 400 KHz, but I have read some forums about people that managed to do this on an nRF52832 at 800 KHz. We tried the same approach with our nRF52840, but weren’t successful. Is there any way to do this with our chip?


Arjun Sonti

  • Hi Arjun

    I'm sorry, but we do not recommend nor support using the TWI at a faster rate than 400kHz. The chip has not been tested for the usage of higher frequencies than this, so there's no telling what will happen if you choose to do so.

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