PSM example program seems to consume high current in nRF9160 DK.

I'm measuring the current consumption of udp_with_psm program reading this post, and the current is very high. why?

Modified points compared to the udp_with_psm in the above post

- Modem FW: v1.0.0

NCS tag: v1.0.0

- Use a LTE-M SIM which is not iBasis one. eDRX and PSM seems to work with the SIM.

- fixed code

	freeaddrinfo(res); // THIS IS REQUIRED

- change PSM setting


# 1 minute interval

# 6 sec for idle

- change host and port

// UDP test
#define HOST ""
#define PORT 53

With this program, the floor current is 29 uA. Also the DK seems to generates a high current spike every 1.28 sec.

Why a current spike is generated every 1.28 sec?

The message is sent in the configured interval, 1 min.