Bluetooth GATT Service provided by Nordic ASA vs Certification

Hi Nordic Team,

I'm quite confused and can't find a concrete answer so far on the forum, if it is a MUST to kick-off a certification at the Bluetooth SIG Group or not, if I'm using a supported BLE GATT Service from Nordic (provided by the SDK).

To be more concret. We have added beside the Nordi NUS service

  • Cycling Speed and Cadence Sensor (Peripheral) Service
  • Cycling Power (Peripheral) Service

In the source code I can find the following information


 * @note Attention!
 *  To maintain compliance with Nordic Semiconductor ASA Bluetooth profile
 *  qualification listings, this section of source code must not be modified.

Do we need to introduce any certification steps along with Blutooth SIG or is all covered already from Nordic?

In regards to the Device Information Service Field, must this be filled than with Nordic or with our company name?

Thanks for your answer in advance

  • Hi Christian, 

    It's always suggested that you consult with a Bluetooth Qualification Consultants or a local test house to get the most detailed information about qualification for your product. 

    I will try to clarify as much as possible here. 

    Profile qualification is a subsystem qualification. You use it in accordant to the End Product QDID (Qualified Designs ID) qualification. If we already qualify that profile you don't need to do any further qualification or steps (except for the RF-PHY hardware test) because Nordic already provided the End Product QDID and the subsystem profile QDID. And you just need to refer to the QDIDs that we provide. 

    You can find the main End Product QDID of your softdevice and your chip in the compatibility matrix on infocenter, for example here.

    For the profile subsystem QDID, you can use QDID 49943. You can see the list of profiles inside ICS details

    Unfortunately the "Cycling Power Service" is not in the list and you may need to do the qualification on your own.

    My understanding is that if you don't specify a particular profile in your qualification you can pass the qualification without doing subsystem qualification. But you may want to double check this with a BQC to have the most correct information. 

    I can see here with a search, there are total of only 9 listing are with "Cycling Power" profile.