IOS exception disconnect after 90s when change ble connection interval on NRF52810

Hi Nordic Forum!

        In the past, I set connection interval min to max is 20ms~75ms, it work ok for IOS。But on Android platform, Android use 75ms as actual connection interval. It is too long for us. We need change connection interval to reduce delay. So we try set connection interval to 15ms~30ms、15ms~15ms、20ms~30ms and so on,but  use all these param , connection will disconnect after about 90s for iOS.

I referennce the Apple develop guidlines section 23.6(。

Follow that,the connection interval range15ms~15ms、15ms~30ms is ok。I don't know why occur exception disconnect on IOS platform.

What value should I set to connection interval ensure work on IOS.

  • Hi. 

    but  use all these param , connection will disconnect after about 90s for iOS.

     Did you check what the disconnect reason was when using these params? 


  • IOS report error code is 0, the error message is "Unknown". Many your customers have occured this problem. more detail can reference this link(, our problem is same to it.

  • We want to set  connection interval param ensure connetion interval actually used is small for reduce latency. And it must works ok for IOS and Android. We set connection interval param to 10ms~20ms is work ok for using other ble IC on IOS, but disconnect on Nordic IC. So I think it is related to Nordic IC or sdk. And I seach key words"IOS diconnect Nordic 90 seconds" on google, Many other people has same problems.

  •  in other answers given in the forum (like this and this), the following interpretation is taken:

    Interval Max * (Slave Latency + 1) ≤ 2 seconds
    Interval Min ≥ 20 ms
    Interval Min + 20 ms ≤ Interval Max
    Slave Latency ≤ 4
    connSupervisionTimeout ≤ 6 seconds
    Interval Max * (Slave Latency + 1) * 3 < connSupervisionTimeout

    what is the correct interpretation? and, what rules should I follow?

    May be Apple develop guidlines has update,  the newest version is Interval Min≥ 15 ms

    so what version should I follow?