nRF toolbox/nRF Connect unable to connect to bluetooth on android dev phone but connects on others

Hi, weird issue. I am using the nRF toolbox to connect the nRF52832 (configured for HRM) for use on android. The thing is, on my personal phone ( Samsung galaxy s10+) everything is working as expected and fine. I have a dev phone (no SIM card atttached), a samsung Galaxy A10, that i try to run the same thing on, no changes. It cannot find the Ble device. I used nRF connect to try and find it but no luck, it can see a lot of other devices though. The A10 dev phone has been completely updated to most recent software, and is connected to wifi. It can even grab a gps location, I have tested it. What should I do?

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    Are you able to discover other ble_app examples on nRFConnect with it? You can try flashing it with the ble_app_hids_keyboard example and see if you can discover it using the phone's own Bluetooth app. Also, what SDK version are you using?

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