Thread+BLE,DFU through ble

Hi, nordic engineer:

         Our project has a function, that is, BLE+Thread coexists. We hope that the mobile phone can upgrade the device through BLE. Can this idea be realized?
       I tried to burn softdecvice+bootloader, then use the mobile phone to give the device DFU. After the upgrade is completed, let the device power off and restart, the device does not jump to the application, but enters DFU mode again.

  • Hi Noa-Ben,

    Please take a look at the BLE+Zigbee DFU Server example. It contains the functionality that you look for (the server side is upgradeable by a regular DFU over BLE, implemented as Application-level BLE DFU with background DFU bootloader).

    Porting this example to Thread requires some effort, but at least you can take a look at the sdk_config.h file to get a tip how to configure DFU modules. Additionally, it shows that such functionality should be possible to implement.

    If a device does not enter the new application, most likely the upgrade process has failed. Try to debug the bootloader code to see which firmware validation step has failed.

    Kind Regards,


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