Current consumption ble


I'm using nrf52832 with s132, so I don't find any information about the current consumed by the device when I'm connected by Bluetooth. I use the driver st7735 and an LCD screen. When my phone is not connected by Bluetooth and my device sleep, the current is 0.43mA. When my phone is not connected, and the LCD screen is ON, the current is around 3.4mA. Until then, everything is normal. But when I'm connected and my device is sleeping, the current is 1.5mA, and if the screen is ON the current is 0.7mA. So I don't understand why the current is increased when I'm connected and when my device is sleeping? And why the current decrease when the screen displays something. On online power profiler, the power consumes when there is a connection but the device is asleep is not indicated, so I don't know if it is normal or not.