NRF51822 -Reset factory-memory layout

I purchased a module that I encountered during startup. At first I programmed the module via the ST link v2.

Example: E: \ nRF5_SDK_11.0.0_89a8197 \ examples \ peripheral \ blinky \ pca10028 \ s130 \ arm5_no_packs

before programming, Bluetooth was not visible to other devices. After programming, it was not visible to other devices

How can I get the chip back to factory settings with ST Link v2?

Because I feel the memory of the layout is messed up

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  • Did you program the SoftDevice?

    "factory setting" is that the Flash is all erased - so simply do an erase-all.

    Note that ST-Link, as the name suggests, is an ST product - nothing to do with Nordic. It is not designed, sold, or supported for use with non-ST microcontrollers.

    You would make your life simpler using a supported programmer/debugger.

    You would make your life simpler using a Nordic Dev Kit - at least until you are familiar with the product and the tools.

    And that would give you a "free" J-Link!