Certification of custom board


We are in a stage where we want to perform certification of a product and are now looking into an application that can be used to this end. The board is using SDK 15.0 and nrf52840.

We want to perform Radio, EMC and FCC tests.

The radio tests are going to be :

  • Tx: Constant carrier -->modulation Low, Mid, and High
  • Rx: no beacon

EMC are going to be same as above Rx with USB com and some other tests with the application code.

Now to my question, I have asked in a previous case if the dtm application could be used to this end, and got the answer that it should be possible . However, in other posts that I have seen, the support have mentioned that the radio example application would be suitable option when performing these test. In addition, I have started with the dtm application for a while and haven't quite understood how these additional settings could be configured. I have only managed to configure the device to respective state, i.e., Tx and Rx with the dtm application. Is it possible to configure these setting like no beacon, constant carrier with modulation low, mid, and high with the dtm application and how? If not should I instead be using the radio example code for this purpose?

Any help and guidance would be appreciated!

Sorry if I ask a lot of questions, since this is the first time I am going to be a part of the certification process and have no experience from before

Thanks in advance!

Best regards