Read the signal of ack in Zigbee

I'm developing a Zigbee coordinator that works as an On-Off Switch for the Zigbee Profile HA: this connects to the Device Mains Power Outlet, again with the HA profile.

Among them are linked through the Finding & Binding procedure: when I press the ON button on the switch, the Main Power Outlet turns on.

What I need is the ACK response that automatically sends the Mains Power Outlet device when the value of the OnOff attribute changes following the request made by the coordinator: I need it because I have to manage actions following the fact if the device Mains Power Outlet has actually received my command (I also do not have visual access to the device so I have to rely on the response from the ACK to know if it received the command correctly or not).

I assumed that the ACK response is automatic and that it is activated when I declare the endpoint and I call this define: ZB_HA_MAINS_POWER_OUTLET_REPORT_ATTR_COUNT.

I assumed that the answer is automatic also because, if I connect the Mains Power Outlet endpoint to Amazon Echo, I see that, when I send the command, Alexa changes the state of the device in the App only after the device has responded and not before (if I have the device off and I try to turn it on via Alexa, this tells me that the device does not respond because obviously it has not received back response from the device).

I hope I have explained my doubts to the fullest.

Best regards,