Change advertisement interval - BLE mesh


I'm new to BLE mesh SDK and I'm trying to explore available feature.

I'm referring to Generic on/off application and I would like to increase/ change the advertisement interval.

I tried by changing "BEARER_ADV_INT_DEFAULT_MS" macro but it dint change in the power consumption.

While going through doc I found one more "MESH_ADV_INTERVAL_DEFAULT" and I dint understand why this 2 are used.

Can you please suggest a user manual to understand completely this MESH SDK.

I see so many other packet interval related marcro like "NRF_MESH_PROV_BEARER_ADV_UNPROV_BEACON_INTERVAL_MSm, MESH_ADV_INTERVAL_DEFAULT" what about these 2?



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  • Hi,

    In Bluetooth mesh there are several different cases of advertising, depending on the status of the device and what features are enabled on the node. E.g. provisioned or not, friend feature, relay feature, GATT proxy, etc. BLE advertisements are also used for the main "bearer" layer in the Bluetooth mesh stack. Hence a number of different advertising parameter settings.

    For an overview of how Bluetooth mesh works, basic concepts, including a paragraph or two on power consumption, please have a look at Basic Bluetooth Mesh concepts from our online documentation.

    BEARER_ADV_INT_DEFAULT_MS sets the general advertising interval for the ADV bearer.

    NRF_MESH_PROV_BEARER_ADV_UNPROV_BEACON_INTERVAL_MS sets the advertising interval to use for the provisioning beacon, which is advertisements sent when the node is not part of any network yet, for it to be found by a provisioner.

    Note that if the node is part of a network, and the relay feature is enabled, changing advertising parameters have negligible impact on power consumption as the node will use all non-TX time in RX.