nrf52832 RSSI varitaion


We are using nRF52832(lairdBL652) module for indoor application for the prototype version.

We are using nrf52832  for both central and Beacon device.

We have made a setup as per the attached document for testing,

We are able to read the RSSI of the beacon from the Central device,

For our project we want to get the RSSI of around -85 dBm at 3m at TX power level of -12dBm.

When the peripheral device is moved closer or farther to the central module, the RSSI variation can be observed respectively,But the variation in RSSI is very abnormal.

This is the test case.

1) when the reader and the beacon are placed as per the above diagram in the same orientation, at different time interval the RSSI values varies.(not obtaining equivalent or similar values for each time we test)

for instance in one trial at 3mtr we are getting the values of around -85dBm,

in another trial we get around -92dBm.

2) when the reader orientation is changed, We observed change in the Beacon RSSI of about 2 to 3 dbm, but the RSSI values obtained in one trail of testing , is not obtained again.

Is this module suitable for indoor asset tracking and not just for proximity?

Kindly support on this ASAP.



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