High power consumption BLE

Hi everyone, 

I have an issue with power consuption. 
I work with the SDK15.2.0 and the SoftDevice S140 on a custom board. 

I launch the ble_app_pwr_profiling example on the board, I go straight on sd_app_evt_waitt(), and measure the current consumption. I obtain around 370µA. It's far to high from the spec for this configuration. 

Thank in advance for any response.


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  • Hi, the ble_app_pwr_profiling example starts in system OFF mode, and does not go straight to sd_app_evt_wait(), unless you push button 1 (connectable advertising) or 2 (non-connectable advertising).

    So since you say it goes straight to sd_app_evt_wait() i assume that you are pushing button 1, and the chip will start to advertise. The default advertising parameters in the example are:

    #define APP_CFG_ADV_DATA_LEN            31

    With an advertising interval of 20ms and a payload of 31 bytes the expected average current is 564µA @3V with DCDC enabled: https://devzone.nordicsemi.com/nordic/power