Problems with bonding with LE privacy is enabled?

Hello, we seem to be having an issue with LE privacy.  We want to always use a random address when advertising, here is what I am seeing.

- SDK 15.3, Nrf52840.

If I disable LE privacy and use the default MAC address, windows, android and our test stack (BTStack) can connect, pair and bond just fine.

If I enable LE privacy, windows and android can connect, but bonding fails. BTStack can still pair and bond just fine.

Has anyone seen this issue?  

If I don't specify an IRK, is the IRK that is used for the connection unique and random?

At first I thought this may have been an IRK issue (windows and android rejecting a default IRK), but I tried randomizing the IRK and we still get the same behavior.  We are using LE secure connections if that has anything to do with it.


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