Tool chain integration to Visual Studio Code

Hi, we are looking into the Nordic tool chain (esp. for uRF9160) integration to Visual Studio Code.

We found PlatformIO has the extension. However it only supports uRF51/52 and Arduino/Mbed framework. We need something to support uRF9160 for zephyr OS.

Any inputs and suggestions? We appreciate it!


  • Hi Kevin,


    Segger Embedded Studio (nordic edition), which can be downloaded from a link in the nRF Connect for desktop, application "Getting started assistant", does support NCS (zephyr).

    But, if you are exclusively looking for a integration into vscode, I am not aware of any solution that are aimed for this purpose. You can use the terminal for building, and the Cortex-Debug (or other debug plugins) extension for debugging, but this requires manual setup.


    Kind regards,


  • Having visual studio code support would be a very nice thing for the NCS. We can work with the Segger Embedded Studio at the moment, but I personally don't like the idea to depend on a special Nordic version of a commercial product. It would really be a big plus to have VS Code support. 

  • Hi Adrian,


    There's not much new information since my original answer, ~7 months ago.

    VSCode is highly configurable, so it is possible to setup a environment that is able to configure, compile, flash, and debug. I personally use vscode for browsing code trees, as the C/C++ plugin with its auto-completion just works without any fuzz. NCS is also highly configurable in terms of the choice you have for compiling and developing, so if SES nordic edition isn't your preferred solution, you can use a CLI based setup or try to configure VSCode (or any other editor for that matter) to be a bit more zephyr/ncs friendly. I personally prefer the debugger functionality in SES compared to VSCode w/ cortex m debug (which is a fantastic plugin, but unfortunately inherits some issues in the engine itself:, as you get a better overview of register content etc.


    I will ofcourse register your feedback with our product management team.


    Kind regards,