Publish period (step & resolution) of Model Publication state not saved in flash (and thus not restored after reset)


I'm using the lighting example within the nRF5 SDK for Mesh. I'm using a static provisioning, one light client and one light server. Both the client and server implement an extra custom server model and the static provisioner implements an extra custom client model. I extended the "node_setup.c" file to add an app_key to the custom server models, add subscription addresses and configure the publication state with the correct address and a non-zero publish period (1 second). This is all working fine after provisioning, until I reset either the lighting client or server. After the reset (or turning the board off and on again), the publish timeout is not called anymore.

I also debugged the health server timeout handler and there I see the same behavior (i.e. after reset of the board, the handler is not called anymore).

Could it be that there is a bug in the SDK which doesn't save the publish period of the models in flash memory? Or am I forgetting something?


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