OTA update Secure-DFU bootloader to Mesh-DFU bootloader

I have a device with a Secure-DFU bootloader on it. I was wondering what it would take to OTA update it to the Mesh-DFU bootloader.

Some background around the use-case: I have an nRF52832 that I'm going to install into a chassis. Once it's in the chassis, it's not feasible to access the JTAG port. However, I plan on pushing frequent updates while I do my development. I've been developing with the Mesh-DFU bootloader, but it is very slow to update (takes at least an hour). So I would like to initially flash the Secure-DFU bootloader since it's faster to update. Then once I don't need to push out frequent updates, I would like to OTA update my device to use the Mesh-DFU bootloader.

  • Hi.

    Some feedback from our Mesh team about this:
    This should be possible from a technical point of view, but only if they start their bootloader on the same address in flash. They have to merge the mesh bootloader config data in to the bootloader hex file and send that too. We haven't testet this, so I can't guarantee that it won't be any blocker in way. We don't have any official support for this.

    Best regards,
    Joakim Jakobsen