nRF52811 Direction Finding (AoA) Where should I start?


I have question about Direction Finding in nRF52811, Angle-of-arrival to be exact.

To begin with, I have a custom board with nrf52811 onboard and 8 antennas. Board was desinged with direction finding in mind.

I'm able to program it with examples from 15.3 SDK, as well my own code, without any problems.

Now I want to start working on direction finding, but I can't find anything in the SDK that could help me to actually enable it or use it.

Is there an easy way to try this function out straight from the SDK or if not, where should I start, what do I need to do, to be able to use it.

Maybe You have some experimental projects -> future direction fiding examples, that I could try?

Thank You in advance

Kind regards,