nRF9160 cell tower information for geolocation with LTE and cell tower ID's, limited NBRGRSRP?

I'm looking at augmenting the GPS system of the nRF9160 (at the moment due to high current and long time to acquire, easily lost sats/location) with some geolocation.  Specifically using Google's location services.

Looking at the AT command set

It appears the appropriate command is NBRGRSRP, but according to the command doc that command is listed as: "Note:  Neighboring cell measurements are only valid and available when neighbors are monitored,i.e. current cell quality is low enough."  I try running that command and I only get: %NBRGRSRP: 291,5780,67   I'm assuming that's the tower I'm connected to. 

How low does the cell quality have to be to get other towers in that list?

If I'm using the Zephyr RTOS, are there API's that expose more information and other cell towers?

I saw this post, and it makes me think this won't work or it's not available.   But I was curious if there is anything in the API's that might expose more information than the AT commands.

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