Atmel Studio reports Device ID 0x00000000


I'm evaluating a custom PCB that uses the MDBT50Q (nRF52840) and I'm really stuck. It looks like the device is working, but I'm getting a few strange issues. 

Out of the box the MDBT50Q comes with some application that I can read using a JLink and nRF Connect (see below). I'm not sure what it does. In this state, I try to connect to the device using Atmel Studio 7, but I always get an error that says the Device ID can't be recognized (see images below). I still see this behavior after flashing the UF2 bootloader used by the Adafruit Feather nRF52840 and a bootloader I got from the Nordic forums. However, note that I'm not having trouble flashing bootloaders using the nRF Connect utility or the Arduino IDE.

Ok, the second strange behavior I'm seeing is that I think the UF2 bootloader is stuck in bootloader mode. I believe the expected behavior is that the device only comes up in bootloader mode (where it mounts to a drive in Win10) if the device is reset twice in quick succession. However, the device always mounts to Win10, which makes me think that it's always in bootloader mode. This happens even after I flash a blinky firmware example using the Arduino IDE. The second reason I think it's always in bootloader mode is because the blinky firmware doesn't seem to run.

I'd really appreciate any input. Thank you!