softdevice hex overlap other sectors in RTOS


I run a project on RTOS base on embOS of Segger. Now I want to add a BLE task base on Nordic BLE peripheral UART. As a standalone project not on RTOS it is run O.K. But when I add it to the RTOS I get a warning it is overlap on other sectors. When I check in the option menu of the SES I found there is a softdevice hex which load into the FLASH and it make the problem. I descase this issue with Segger support and they told me I can write this hex to a dedicate add in the FLASH. But I don't know when it best fit in my project and don't make sectors problem. I also don't know how can I set the BLE to read the hex file from the address I put it on.

If there someone use the BLE UART in RTOS project and face this overlap problem, can help we where address is safe to place it on and which define I need to use to inform the task to read the softdevice hex from that address?