Implementing SAADC along with UART.

I'm using nrf52_SDK_12.2.0, SoftDevice S132 for my application.

I'm implementing SAADC along with UART in my application. I was implementing the SAADC  referring to the example provided in the SDK. I have tested only the analog to digital conversion part with the SAADC example and it is working fine. Later I implemented the same example in the UART example adding the SAADC functionality in a seperate C-File. When I added the saadc_init(), saadc_sampling_event_init() and saadc_sampling_event_enable() in the main function and flashed the code, I found that nothing was working even the BLE_Advertising is not happening.

Then I started Logging the data function by function and found that saadc_init() is getting executing and saadc_sampling_event_init() function after executing first 2 instructions its executing nothing. I'm struck here and unable to understand what to do and how to debug. The images are provided below.

Can anyone help me how to move forward. 

Main C file

SAADC function in other file

Log data