The device name has disappeared from the Android Bluetooth list.


I had to unpair from the Android Bluetooth list by doing pm_peers_delete () when bonding.
It's ok. I know why it should.
But sometimes I can't find my paired device in the Android Bluetooth list.
I must unpair before I can pair again. But I can't unpair because I don't see the device in the list.

Eventually I have to reset the network settings.

After that I can pair again.
Why do these symptoms occur?

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    First off, are you using an nRF52832 DK or a DK with the nRF52810 on in this case? Can you provide a picture of your setup please? Are you using the ble_app_gls\pca10040e\s112 example?

    I still don't see how you unpair the nRF52 and the phone. In the video, it seems like you just go from the toolbox app to the Bluetooth settings, and then back to the toolbox app, which should not be sufficient to unpair the devices.

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