Multirole Connection: can we send a broadcast ini advertising mode while in ble connection mode at the same time?


I have 3 Devices that constantly broadcast their position to each other so the other can adjust the position each other. they act like master and slave but ther are no connection between them.

now i want to connect one of those 3 to a smartphone using connection mode but the problem is the smartphone can't detect the device which is now act as broadcaster in advertsing mode. is it possible to use advertising mode and connection mode at the same time?

how can i establish a connection between the device and phone while the device send message as broadcaster to another 2 devices?

is multirole still the most suitable solution to this problem?

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  • Hello Jared,

    You could achieve step 1 and 2 if each device scans without sending a connection request ( Observer role) and at the same time advertises. You don't need to implement the broadcast role i.e if the other devices don't send a connection request. The devices can advertise as connectable, which would make it possible for the smartphone to connect.

    where can i configure it? is it has something to do with ble_gap_adv_type? because previously we used ble_gap_adv_type_nonconnectable_noscanneble_undirected to configue our device as broadcaster