debugging under linux [solved]

Hi All,

I can compile and flash examples with my nrf51822 SDK on linux. I would like to use Code::Blocks as IDE. Code::Blocks is transparent to run debugger. I try to use it with the following configuration:

  1. start JLinkGDBServer: konsole -e "JLinkGDBServer -device nrf51822 -if swd -speed 1000 -device nrf51822 -if swd -speed 1000 -port 2331"

It starts and works well.

  1. I try to start gdb under codeblocks: Starting debugger: /usr/bin/arm-none-eabi-gdb -nx -fullname -quiet -args /home/zamek/bluetooth/work/radiotransmit/build/radiotransmit

additional commands before connected:

target remote localhost:2331

monitor interface SWD

monitor endian little

monitor reset 0

monitor flash device=nrf51822

monitor speed 1000

load ./build/nrf51422_xxac.out

monitor reset

in the status window I see the following message:

Connecting to remote target

Setting breakpoints

Debugger name and version: GNU gdb (7.7.1+dfsg-1+6) 7.7.1


The program is not being run.

Debugger finished with status 0

What is the correct gdb parameters for debugging?

thx a lot Zamek