Debugger for Thingy91


I would like to debug the code which is in Nordic Thingy91 by using nRF52840DK.

Is it possible to use the debugger in nRF52840DK for Nordic Thingy91 ?

If it is possible, can you share how I can do it ?

Best regard.

  • Hi Erdem,

    Unfortunately, the programmers on the nRF52x DKs do not support the M33 architecture which is on the nRF9160 SiP. 
    You need to use an nRF9160-DK or an ARMv8 programmer/debugger.
    The reason is that the ARM Cortex M33 on the nRF9160 is one generation newer than the nRF52 series (ARMv7), hence you need a newer programmer.

    Best regards,

    Martin L.