mesh client send reliable messege will be delayed when send two messege at short interval(about 3sec)


   i have found similar posts on the forum but could not find the answer. Therefore,I think it is necessary to raise this question again.

   problem: platform:nRF52832 and mesh SDK3.2


    I has build a custom mesh model that modified from simple on/off modle. It's aim to sent a 8 bytes packet between client and server.and it works fine when send single reliable messege or send one by one for wait 5,6 sec. but,when send two reliable messege at short interval(about 3 second),the first messege will send immediately and second one will be delayed.

    I had checked before send second messege,the last one has be send successful.

    and log indicate the second messege is not send by access_model_reliable_publish but is retry in reliable_timer_cb(...) twice .  when retry , access_model_publish return NRF_ERROR_INVALID_STATE, deeper reason is that segmented_packet_tx in transport.c.

    I had tested in light switch example , Not found same problem, i guess maybe i had modified some paramter incorrctly, please help me 

    Q1: Client send reliable messege  after last one has be check successful and received responds, why the followed one can not send immeditely

    Q2: In light switch example can not reproduce, i just modified the data struct and some thing looks like safe to change

    Any help would be appreciated!