ANT+ BPWR profile crank torque problem


This is my second post about this issue, but I have not solved yet. The issue is, that I am using bpwr tx example (crank torque sensor type) with Garmin edge 520plus. When transmission starts I can see broadcast data in AntWare II but when i connect this bpwr sensor to Garmin edge, Garmin does not show any data on screen. I have already measured commercial bicycle sensors with AntWare II and incoming data are in the same format and identical as my data from bpwr torque on crank sensor. 

AntWare II slave settings for bpwr sensor logging (this configuration was also used to log commercial bike power sensor) :

network key: The ANT+ network key (from thisisant)

network number: 0

slave (rx only)

device number: 0 (slave wildcard); device type: 11; transmission type: 0 (wildcard)

channel period 8182; radio frequency 2457 MHz

I think that the problem should be in network keys, or in channel id settings. Interesting thing is, when I change sensor type to power only, Garmin devide immediately

 shows incoming data on its screen.

working with nRF52832 DK, SDK15.2, S212, Segger embedded studio, AntWare II with antusb-m stick

thanks in advance