FW issure :[CMC - e-Motor -52832 -fstorage module stuck in SVC call - sd_flash_page_erase()]

Hi Great QA team:

Our client has made their product in MP stage but found out that some of the ICs with FDS Bug (Base on SDK 15.2):

REF: FDS - data corruption https://devzone.nordicsemi.com/f/nordic-q-a/43758/fds---data-corruption

They updated SDK from 15.2 to 16, but error are not fix if we don't erase whole image.
it's seems like data corruption situation is still exist. Maybe the SDK updates only prevent error happening after device being reprogram?

Anyway, they try to detect if the FDS module be initialized properly or not.
And when the data corruption error happened in the FDS initialization, they'll use fstorage module to erase all data pages

But while they call nrf_erase_fstorage(), the program will stuck in SVC call - sd_flash_page_erase(),and it showed NO error message.

like pic below: 


And the parameters with the api nrf_erase_fstorage() are like this, it tried to erase the 3 pages from APP_DATA region (the default flash region for FDS module)


Attachment is the dump hex (with data corruption issue) , You could see the abnormal region from 0x75000 to 0x78000.


If you have any idea, please let me know, thanks in advance!!