Not getting 1.8 volt on the SIM_1V8 pin on custom board

We had a custom board made with the nrf9160 and I noticed I was having trouble communicating with the sim card on my board.

We have been testing i2c, spi, number of peripherals (a display, memory, etc).  Even GPS was working well with the latest 1.1.0 modem FW.  But I'm getting an error communicating with the SIM card.  I noticed that the Nordic is not outputting 1.8V on the SIM_1V8 line.  I noticed the IO_Supply line has 2.222V on it which is the same as the DK, so I'm assuming that's ok.

I noticed this post:  But it seems the solution here was that they needed to reflow the board and it was a mechanical problem.  I've tested 4 different boards all made from a reputable assembly house we have used in the past.  Also tested the nrf52 that's on the board with smaller pitch and that works.  And so does everything else we have tested on the nrf9160 side and so far so good.

Anything I'm missing to enable that output?  What might I need to turn on that 1.8V output.  I noticed if I put my code on the DK using the JLink that line on the DK is 0V.  But if I hook up to the DK with the normal USB and run a sample project that pin has 1.8V on it.