What does CCCD mean?

Dear Nordic Developer Zone,

I have a silly question. After searching in the Nordic and Bluetooth documentation, I didn't find what CCCD and SCCD mean. Theses metadata are parts of the characteristics.

Can you explain me what these acronyms mean? And wher I could find any documentation about it?

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  • CCCD is an abbreviation for Client Characteristic Configuration Descriptor. This descriptor is defined in the Core Specification, Volume 3, Part G, section

    This descriptor will be added automatically by the S110 softdevice for any characteristic that has either the Notify or the Indicate properties. In your characteristic setup you will however have to set up the metadata you want for this descriptor, for example which security level is required to write it.

    The use of it is for a GATT Client to control what kind of packets the GATT Server can send to it. As you may know, there are some so-called server initiated properties, Notifications and Indications (part F, 3.4.7). A Server can only send such packets to the Client if the Client have written either 1 (to enable notifications) or 2 (to enable indications) to the CCCD for the characteristic in question.

  • Hi Nordic Developer Zone,

    I also encounter the same problem. In case I want to enable Indications but I read a lot a of answer related to this same problem but didn't solve my problem. Furthermore I also read about the CCCD but I don't know if I need to import it to the project in Android studio. finally after testing my ble sensor on the Nordic Master Control app, it works exactly how I wanted, but I read on the internet that the source is not available for the public. Could you provide me with code examples or helpful tips so I could solve this problem.

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