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How are you going about Production Programming for nRF51 parts?


We're gearing up to program about 4,000 nRF51822s. They'll get the BLE version of DFU plus a stable version of our own code. For future production runs, we'll likely have our partner in Japan program the devices on the assembly line.

So, my question is: how are you handling your programming? Are you literally doing boards one-at-a-time with a SEGGER and a pogo-pins or similar?

Our PCBs are panelized as 5*5, so I've toyed with the idea of building an X-Y slide with stepper motors to fly a programming head across the boards. Buying 25 SEGGERs so that we can push 25 sets of pogo-pins down on to an entire panel is cost prohibitive.

Our world is also slightly more complex in that we create custom stickers that are unique to each programmed device, too :)

Thoughts? Current strategies? Horror stories? Please share! :)