Unable to add LTE device on nRF Cloud

I just got my Thingy:91, but when I try to add it to the nRF cloud it says the following:

I have checked this multiple times, I'm sure i'm using the correct IMEI/PIN.

The device is turned on and breathing a light blue.

The device responds to AT correctly and no messages appear in nrF connect's log when I try to add it to the cloud. (In any case, the unboxing video from the official page does this with the device turned off. In any case, I've tried this both ways.

I have a local sim and it says 4g-LTE.

Thanks for hearing me out.

  • Hi.

    Can you send me the log from the Link Monitor?

    Also, when capturing the log, please ensure that the "Automatic requests" checkbox is checked, and press the AT+CFUN? button.

    To me, it does not sound like you are connected to the network.

    While the video shows the device powered off, there have been some changes to the association process in nRF Cloud which now requires it to be powered on.

    Also, are you certain that your SIM card supports LTE-M or NB-IoT? The Thingy:91 does not work with the "regular" 4G/LTE network.

    Best regards,


  • Hi.

    I won't be able to check for the sim card in a couple of hours but i'll send you the log in the meantime, just in case we can figure this out without it.

    Best regards,


    2020-01-08T12:30:57.179Z INFO Application data folder: C:\Users\toman\AppData\Roaming\nrfconnect\pc-nrfconnect-linkmonitor
    2020-01-08T12:30:57.426Z DEBUG App pc-nrfconnect-linkmonitor v1.1.1 official
    2020-01-08T12:30:57.426Z DEBUG App path: C:\Users\toman\.nrfconnect-apps\node_modules\pc-nrfconnect-linkmonitor
    2020-01-08T12:30:57.426Z DEBUG nRFConnect 3.3.0 is supported by the app (^3.2.0)
    2020-01-08T12:30:57.426Z DEBUG nRFConnect path: C:\Users\toman\AppData\Local\Programs\nrfconnect\resources\app.asar
    2020-01-08T12:30:57.426Z DEBUG HomeDir: C:\Users\toman
    2020-01-08T12:30:57.427Z DEBUG TmpDir: C:\Users\toman\AppData\Local\Temp
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.199Z INFO Modem port is opened
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.206Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CFUN?\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.310Z DEBUG modem << +CFUN: 1\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.313Z DEBUG modem << OK\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.330Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CGSN=1\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.337Z DEBUG modem << +CGSN: "352656100440091"\x0D
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.339Z DEBUG modem << \x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.341Z DEBUG modem << OK\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.343Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CGMI\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.354Z DEBUG modem << Nordic Semiconductor ASA\x0D
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.357Z DEBUG modem << \x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.359Z DEBUG modem << OK\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.363Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CGMM\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.369Z DEBUG modem << nRF9160-SICA\x0D
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.372Z DEBUG modem << \x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.373Z DEBUG modem << OK\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.377Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CGMR\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.384Z DEBUG modem << mfw_nrf9160_1.0.0-24.rc\x0D
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.386Z DEBUG modem << \x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.388Z DEBUG modem << OK\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.393Z INFO Nordic Semiconductor ASA nRF9160-SICA [mfw_nrf9160_1.0.0-24.rc] SerNr: 352656100440091
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.395Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CEMODE?\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.404Z DEBUG modem << +CEMODE: 0\x0D
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.406Z DEBUG modem << \x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.408Z DEBUG modem << OK\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.419Z DEBUG modem >> AT%XCBAND=?\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.426Z DEBUG modem << %XCBAND: (2,3,4,8,12,13,20,28)\x0D
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.429Z DEBUG modem << \x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.430Z DEBUG modem << OK\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.446Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CMEE?\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.453Z DEBUG modem << +CMEE: 0\x0D
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.455Z DEBUG modem << \x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.456Z DEBUG modem << OK\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.460Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CMEE=1\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.468Z DEBUG modem << OK\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.471Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CNEC?\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.476Z DEBUG modem << +CNEC: 0\x0D
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.485Z DEBUG modem << \x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.486Z DEBUG modem << OK\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.490Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CNEC=24\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.494Z DEBUG modem << OK\x0D
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.501Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CGEREP?\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.507Z DEBUG modem << +CGEREP: 0,0\x0D
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.509Z DEBUG modem << \x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.510Z DEBUG modem << OK\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.518Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CGDCONT?\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.524Z DEBUG modem << OK\x0D
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.529Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CGACT?\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.537Z DEBUG modem << OK\x0D
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.540Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CGEREP=1\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.545Z DEBUG modem << OK\x0D
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.555Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CIND=1,1,1\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.569Z DEBUG modem << OK\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.573Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CEREG=2\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.578Z DEBUG modem << OK\x0D
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.587Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CEREG?\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.595Z DEBUG modem << +CEREG: 2,2,"FFFE","FFFFFFFF",9\x0D
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.606Z DEBUG modem << \x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.608Z DEBUG modem << OK\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.622Z DEBUG modem >> AT%CESQ=1\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.626Z DEBUG modem << OK\x0D
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.635Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CESQ\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.642Z DEBUG modem << +CESQ: 99,99,255,255,255,255\x0D
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.644Z DEBUG modem << \x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.645Z DEBUG modem << OK\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.657Z DEBUG modem >> AT%XSIM=1\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.661Z DEBUG modem << OK\x0D
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.670Z DEBUG modem >> AT%XSIM?\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.675Z DEBUG modem << %XSIM: 1\x0D
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.677Z DEBUG modem << \x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.679Z DEBUG modem << OK\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.697Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CPIN?\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.705Z DEBUG modem << +CPIN: READY\x0D
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.711Z DEBUG modem << \x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.715Z DEBUG modem << OK\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.725Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CPINR="SIM PIN"\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.737Z DEBUG modem << +CPINR: "SIM PIN",3\x0D
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.740Z DEBUG modem << \x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.741Z DEBUG modem << OK\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.753Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CIMI\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.758Z DEBUG modem << 730030517858968\x0D
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.760Z DEBUG modem << \x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.761Z DEBUG modem << OK\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:01.763Z INFO IMSIdentity: 730030517858968
    2020-01-08T12:31:02.858Z DEBUG modem >> AT\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:02.867Z DEBUG modem << OK\x0D
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.625Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CFUN?\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.634Z DEBUG modem << +CFUN: 1\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.641Z DEBUG modem << OK\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.643Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CGSN=1\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.650Z DEBUG modem << +CGSN: "352656100440091"\x0D
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.653Z DEBUG modem << \x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.654Z DEBUG modem << OK\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.659Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CGMI\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.669Z DEBUG modem << Nordic Semiconductor ASA\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.672Z DEBUG modem << OK\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.675Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CGMM\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.683Z DEBUG modem << nRF9160-SICA\x0D
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.685Z DEBUG modem << \x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.686Z DEBUG modem << OK\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.690Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CGMR\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.695Z DEBUG modem << mfw_nrf9160_1.0.0-24.rc\x0D
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.703Z DEBUG modem << \x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.704Z DEBUG modem << OK\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.706Z INFO Nordic Semiconductor ASA nRF9160-SICA [mfw_nrf9160_1.0.0-24.rc] SerNr: 352656100440091
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.708Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CEMODE?\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.712Z DEBUG modem << +CEMODE: 0\x0D
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.719Z DEBUG modem << \x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.719Z DEBUG modem << OK\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.726Z DEBUG modem >> AT%XCBAND=?\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.735Z DEBUG modem << %XCBAND: (2,3,4,8,12,13,20,28)\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.737Z DEBUG modem << OK\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.743Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CMEE?\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.753Z DEBUG modem << +CMEE: 1\x0D
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.755Z DEBUG modem << \x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.756Z DEBUG modem << OK\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.759Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CNEC?\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.769Z DEBUG modem << +CNEC: 24\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.772Z DEBUG modem << OK\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.775Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CGEREP?\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.780Z DEBUG modem << +CGEREP: 1,0\x0D
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.782Z DEBUG modem << \x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.784Z DEBUG modem << OK\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.786Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CIND=1,1,1\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.792Z DEBUG modem << OK\x0D
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.795Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CEREG=2\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.803Z DEBUG modem << OK\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.807Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CEREG?\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.819Z DEBUG modem << +CEREG: 2,2,"FFFE","FFFFFFFF",9\x0D
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.820Z DEBUG modem << \x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.821Z DEBUG modem << OK\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.827Z DEBUG modem >> AT%CESQ=1\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.836Z DEBUG modem << OK\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.840Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CESQ\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.852Z DEBUG modem << +CESQ: 99,99,255,255,255,255\x0D
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.855Z DEBUG modem << \x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.856Z DEBUG modem << OK\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.863Z DEBUG modem >> AT%XSIM=1\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.867Z DEBUG modem << OK\x0D
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.870Z DEBUG modem >> AT%XSIM?\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.875Z DEBUG modem << %XSIM: 1\x0D
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.876Z DEBUG modem << \x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.877Z DEBUG modem << OK\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.888Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CPIN?\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.893Z DEBUG modem << +CPIN: READY\x0D
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.894Z DEBUG modem << \x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.895Z DEBUG modem << OK\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.908Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CPINR="SIM PIN"\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.922Z DEBUG modem << +CPINR: "SIM PIN",3\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.925Z DEBUG modem << OK\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.938Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CIMI\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.943Z DEBUG modem << 730030517858968\x0D
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.945Z DEBUG modem << \x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.949Z DEBUG modem << OK\x0D\x0A
    2020-01-08T12:31:16.952Z INFO IMSIdentity: 730030517858968

  • The log tells me that your Thingy is not connected to the network, and the modem is not able to find any signals.

    While that might change if you wait long enough (it can take up to 15 min to connect to the network the first time), you should also confirm that your SIM card supports LTE-M or NB-IoT.

    The Thingy:91 is programmed to use LTE-M by default. If that is not available, you must change to application firmware that supports NB-IoT.

    I would also recommend that you upgrade the modem firmware to the latest version.

    I have attached a folder with the updated application and modem firmware for the Thingy:91.


  • Thanks! I will report back when I check on the SIM card.

    On a related note, the .txt inside the attachment implies that I can update the modem firmware using the nRF Connect, but the option is greyed out. I suppose it needs the programmer to work and only the application firmware can be updated through the USB? 

  • Yes, you will need a programmer to upgrade the modem using nRF Connect.

    With the new application firmware, you will be able to apply patch update over the air (e.g., 1.0.0 -> 1.0.1), but minor or major updates will still require a programmer.

    As a general note, we recommend developing on an nRF91 DK, as it comes with a debugger on the kit. The DK can also be used to program/debug other cards, such as the Thingy:91.