Custom board using an nRf9160 with Simcard issues

We are using a custom board with an nRf9160, and have tested it with several sim cards.
The board has been tested with a spectrum analyzer and it is able to transmit RF, however, we are not able to receive anything back. The sim cards which have been tested are Hologram, iBasis, and T-Mobile. All cards work on the nRf9160-DK board, but not on the custom board.

The correctly functioning nRf9160-DK board with the iBasis card gives the following results:
%CESQ: 32,1,18,2

The custom board with the iBasis card returns:
%CESQ: 255,0

The custom board with the Hologram sim card returns:
+CEREG: 90
+CEREG: 90

the custom board with the T-Mobile card returns:
%CESQ: 255,0
%CESQ: 255,0


  • Hi Taylor,

    Please run the AT-client sample on the custom board and run through the typical script in the LTE Link Monitor.

    (make sure to have "Automatic requests" enabled in settings)

    Send AT+CFUN=1 and then AT+CFUN? and you should see many different AT commands being sent to the device with responses.

    Then please share the log with me.

    What I am especially interested in is to see e.g. if the modem gets contact with the SIM card at all. 


    There could be an issue with the connection between the SIM card socket and the nrf9160 on your custom board.

    Also, make sure you have the latest modem firmware on the custom board as well. 

    (and that you are trying to connect on the right network (nb-iot or lte-m) AT%XSYSTEMMODE?

    Best regards,

    Martin L.

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