peer_manager_handler: Connection security failed: error: 1

Hi all,

My device is working as a HID device. it's working on android and iPad but not work on macOS. It's can't solve the security procedure and returning error:
<info> peer_manager_handler: Connection security failed: role: Peripheral, conn_handle: 0x0, procedure: Bonding, error: 1

I was trying to connect to macOS 10.13.6 High Sierra using ble_app_hids_keyboard example. But I got the same error.

My device using NRF52810 with s112 and SDK 15.3.0. Ble_app_hids_keyboard project I had run on pca10040 board with s112 and SDK 15.3.0. The only thing which I changed in ble_app_hids_keyboard example is sdk_config.h


Can you help me?
Many thanks in advance.
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