Thingy:52 blink example?


I am trying to start development using Thingy:52. To start, I tried the firmware from the download page (

It works great with the android application. 

Then, I compiled this example from source code from github ( This also works.

I tried to make my application. As a test, I took an example from NRF52 sdk v16, examples/proprietary_rf/. Thingy:52 as PRX and nrf52-DK as PTX. This also works.

According to Thingy:52 description, the LEDs are connected through an I2C expander. 

Is there a simple example somewhere how to manage it?  I would like to control the LEDs and outputs on n-mos. 

I tried to figure this out in the example (Nordic-Thingy52-FW.) , but without the documentation or description, I didn’t succeed.
I would be very grateful for an example of an ordinary "blink" for a Thingy:52 using I2C expander.