Mesh Stack throws NRF_MESH_EVT_SAR_FAILED when LPN replies to a publication set message via friend node

The stock LPN client for Mesh SDK v4.0.0 throws NRF_MESH_EVT_SAR_FAILED when replying to a publication set message via a friend node.

All code, reproduction data and log output is here:

I also tried to implement the suggested answer from this thread: 

... this did not work, see this commit:

Thank you.

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  • Hi,

    We have tried to reproduce the issue on our side, and haven't had any luck. One of our developer checked-out the your repo, modified the example name RTT output and tested the LPN example. He did not see the SAR_FAILED event. He used NRF Mesh Android app version 1.2.1. Have you tried with a different phone? Both Android and iOS?

  • Thank you for looking into this.

    Unfortunately I was unable to get my hands on an Android device to test from there.

    I did try different model iPhones and they behave differently ... on an 8 the bug shows every time, on an XR the problem does not appear at all.

    Up to your best judgement whether this is a bug in the mesh stack, a bug in the iOS library or something else?