RX Radio Stopped for 100uS after each adv packet on scanner


I just want to know if this is an expected behaviour of the Softdevice. I have a central that scans every 2 seconds for 1.7 seconds (leaving 300ms for connections). When it is scanning every time it receives an advertisement from another device (any device) it briefly stops the RX Radio. I am using the PA and LNA out pins connected to a logic analyzer. 

Here is a closeup with both Central and peripheral in the shot. Note that the peripheral is advertising in extended advertisment so the central will stop the RX radio again after the data is received in the secondary channel.

Sorry for my ignorance, but is this expected? Wouldn't there be a possibility of a packet loss if the radio is off for that much time in a situation where there are many devices advertising? I would have expected for the radio to remain ON receiving and for the core to process the data without turning off the radio so that it could receive a new packet if it was sent very close to the previous one. 

I just want to make sure I'm not missing some configuration.