NRF_FSTORAGE_DEF issue with nRF52810


I'm using S112 v6.1.1 with SDK 15.3.0 on nRF52810.( I don't use bootloader )

I tried to search examples for using fstorage api on it.

But I couldn't get anything.( even in SDK examples, there is only for nRF52832 )

My application address range is below:

0x19000 - 0x2A2F8

I think I can use 0x2B000 ~ 0x2FFFF for fstorage.

But it didn't work.

Is it impossible to use fstorage on nRF52810?

Could anyone give me some advice? Thanks.

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  • Thank you for reply, Simonr.

    But my question was not about immigration from nRF52832 to nRF52810.

    In fstorage example, NRF_FSTORAGE_DEF is below:

    NRF_FSTORAGE_DEF(nrf_fstorage_t fstorage) =
        /* Set a handler for fstorage events. */
        .evt_handler = fstorage_evt_handler,
        /* These below are the boundaries of the flash space assigned to this instance of fstorage.
         * You must set these manually, even at runtime, before nrf_fstorage_init() is called.
         * The function nrf5_flash_end_addr_get() can be used to retrieve the last address on the
         * last page of flash available to write data. */
        .start_addr = 0x3e000,
        .end_addr   = 0x3efff,

    start_addr is 0x3E000 and end_addr is 0x3FFFF.

    That doesn't make sense on nRF52810.

    As I know, nRF52810 has only 192kb flash memory( = 0x30000 )

    So my question was how can I set the start_addr and end_addr to use fstorage on nRF52810.