How do you setup an Arduino Nano BLE 33 for use with softdevice?

I have an arduino nano ble 33. I want to use the nrf softdevice as I need some features that aren't already exposed.

From look through the SDK examples, it seems that all I need to do is:
Define a custom board the nano ble (seems straightforward)
Compile the open USB bootloader with my custom board
Flash the softdevice (plus MBR) using a jlink
Flash the bootloader using jllink
Then use nrfconnect to flash a program (a bit unsure here)

I'd really appreciate some guidance on this. Thanks.

  • Hi

    If you have a JLink debugger (or an nRF5 DK), there shouldn't be any problems flashing an example (with or without SoftDevice) onto your Arduino Nano BLE 33. With a DK, you can use the programmer app in nRFConnect to flash all the necessary .hex files onto the chip. If you have any other JLink device you should be able to use either an IDE like SES or nrfjprog to flash what you'd like onto your device.

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