Mesh Model to communicate various types of data

Hi !

We are planning to add sensor device over Mesh network.

This sensor device will share Room Temperature, Outside Temperature,  Humidity, ambient light  and movement - Occupancy data over Mesh network.

We do not find model which will incorporate these type of data in it.

I have read all the document and post related to this topic, without finding the answer.

Could you please guide us to resolve this problem.

Please share link (URL) to any application example or documents which might get missed by me to read.

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  • Hi. 

    The standard Bluetooth SIG models are defined in a dedicated specification called the Bluetooth Mesh Model Specification. In this specification, you will find extensive and rigorous information on each of the 52 standard mesh models. There are four groups of models: the generics, models for sensors, models for lighting, and models concerned with time and a mesh automation feature called the scene.

    There should be models to fit your requirements in this list. We don't have examples to demonstrate all of these, and the examples in our nRF5 SDK for Mesh mainly demonstrates the generics. 

    We have a guide in our documentation on how to create new models
    This guide presents the basics of how to create new models. You may implement your own vendor-specific model that will enable your devices to provide custom states and behaviors not covered by the already defined standard models. 

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    Joakim Jakobsen

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