asset_tracker: Connection was closed by the cloud.

tag v1.1.0 (have done west update)
using SES 4.30c  as suggested by nrf connect  Compiled and flashed using SES
modem firmware mfw_nrf9160_1.1.1
downloaded and updated the certificate
added the device on nrf cloud

the device connects to the cloud.. I can see the details on nrfcloud account but it keeps disconnecting and rebooting and also how do I get the GPS to work ? It is supposed to be anabled by default

[00:00:10.532,714] <inf> aws_fota: Checking for an available job
[00:00:10.539,428] <dbg> aws_fota.get_job_execution: Got only one field: {"clientToken":"
[00:00:10.548,248] <inf> aws_fota: No queued jobs for this device
+CEREG: 5,"1E01","0075BE02",7,,,"11100000","11100000"
[00:00:38.604,949] <err> asset_tracker: LTE link disconnect
[00:00:38.960,723] <err> asset_tracker: Socket error: POLLHUP
[00:00:38.967,376] <err> asset_tracker: Connection was closed by the cloud.
[00:00:38.975,219] <err> asset_tracker: LTE link disconnect
+CEREG: 0,"1E01","0075BE02",7,0,0,"11100000","11100000"
[00:00:40.499,328] <err> asset_tracker: Shutdown modem