Data Rate Measurment

Hello all. while trying to calculate the data rate from bluetooth low energy , i have two questions

  1. Is there a possibility to measure the data rate by using nrf sniffer? I tried using sniffer but in wireshark i found only advertisement packets.
  2. Then i tried master control pannel for calculating data rate., From the tests i have done these are the results For connection interval of 100 ms (i did min rate and max rate are same) i get 92 packets in the first trial and 100 packets in the second trail For connection interval of 50 ms (Min rate = Max rate ), i got 30 packets in first trail 25 packets in second trail 12 packets in third trail 31 packets in fourth trail 25 packets in fifth trail

Then i changed Min connection interval to ((X/2) * 1.25 ) and max connection interval to (x/2) * 2 here x is macro value when x=80 ; and writing interval is 10ms(writing interval is time interval where data is written to ble buffers in nordic) data rate is 60 packets , for x=80 and writing interval is 1ms then data rate is 300 packets for x= 40 and writing interval is 10 data rate is 120 packets, and for writing interval is 1 ms data rate is 250 packets.

There is no consistency when ever we are taking the reading. From this i want to know how many buffers are present in nordic ble and is there any way to calculate the data rate because in master control pannel the resolution is 100 ms. Thank you