Legal issue using nordic sdk code

Hi !

I am represnting company responsible for fruitymesh ( which is an open-source proprietary ble mesh running on nrf5 chips.

For testing our solution we wrote a simulator which simulates behaviour of nrf chips and runs on pc machines. We kept this tool internal until now. We want to release this tool to public as we believe it will help people testing their ideas before and while runnig them on nrf5 chips. Problem is that to make simulator behaviour more alligned with nrf5 chips behaviour we used some of nordic sdk code. The licesne is:

[...]: (a) to use the SDK as a development platform solely in 
connection with a Nordic Integrated Circuit (�nRF IC�),

Which seems to be clear but in this case we are running simulated Nordic Integrated Circuit.

The question here is: can we release a simulator tool that utilize nordic sdk code and that simulates Nordic Integrated Circuit but runs on pc machine? What is Nordic Semiconductor posistion for this?