Connected to LTE with Twilio SuperSIM


I can connect to LTE with the iBasis SIM that came with the nRF9160DK but have been unable to connect with any other SIM.

Here is what happens in the LTE Link Monitor when I reset the DK with a Twilio SuperSIM inserted:

I checked the APN afterwards to see if it was getting that but it looks like it is not. The APN has been given to me as just "super."

How can I troubleshoot this inability to connect to LTE?

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  • Does Twilio have roaming agreements with your local operators?

    The operator Twilio has agreements with is T-Mobile. We have T-Mobile coverage and use Twilio cards in other devices. I'm unsure of the significance of "roaming" here. I am under the impression that we are not roaming as we are in a metropolitan area with coverage provided by T-Mobile.

    That being said. I believe the direct answer to your question is: no, Twilio does not have roaming agreements with local operators.