ble_app_beacon not available for PCA10100

Hello folks!!!!

I'm making a similar kind of project available in example and named as ble_app_beacon but the problem is that I'm using PCA10100 board and there's no guide or tutorial available for the same board and also no example is provided.

So I'm seeking help hereby! Any help?

Best regards :)

  • Hi Gaurang, 

    The easiest way of porting an example for PCA10056 to work on PCA10100 is to compare the project file of the example that we made for the PCA10100 and the project file of the same example for PCA10056. (for example with SES you edit the .emProject file)

    And then apply the same to your PCA10056 project file (ble_app_beacon) to port it to PCA10100. 

    You can use Notepad++ to do the comparision, you can see something like this : 

    In general only a few place in the