Best mesh network example project to start

We want realize mesh network to mibile phone clients using BLE5

We assume we are have to use 3 types of devices:

1) Mobile phone/pad with built-in BLE5

2) Access points based on nrf52840 with USB connection to small PC with permanent wired internet as internet gate

3) dual-role small media access nodes based on nrf52840 - they must act as mesh media to retransfer traffic from mobiles to the same nearest access node or internet gate from previous item number 2). 

Whitch mesh example project will be the best for such using ?

As point of view from how piconets work in BLE5 - what difference comparing to usual BLE5 implementation?

  • Hi Alexander, 

    The best example you should try is the lightswitch example in our nRF Mesh SDK v4.0. The example has the proxy feature allowing connection from the phone. 

    Note that Bluetooth Mesh network is defined as a local network. There is no definition on how the network should be connected to the internet. It's up to the developer. 

    Could you explain what exactly you meant by " piconet in BLE5"  ? 

    Note that Bluetooth Mesh is based on Bluetooth 4.2