thingy91 first steps : flashin app not working


Just got my Thing 91 and wanted to update the application firmware on the SiP using nRF connect 3.3 .0 programmer  but when connecting to the device I got the following error:

ERROR Error while probing devices: Error occured when get serial numbers. Errorcode: CouldNotCallFunction (0x9)

Then I tried with nRF connect 3.2.0 (uninstalled all nrf/jlink tools) and I was able to connect to the device and luanch a write sequence but it halted on 0%.

now I'm back to nRF connect 3.3.0 and  it says device closed when trying to connect it says device closed and I can't do much to load firmware or anything !

When resetting Thingy 91 to normal mode I can see the logs in LTE link monitor.

How can I fix this ? I don't have any jlink to flash it directly,

Thank you